Rebranding: From Winestle Food to Dinestle

Established in 2019 in Tanga, Tanzania, Dinestle is a delivery service working with restaurant chains and independent restaurants to bring their food to your home or office via drivers, most of them on motorcycles. The name, as explained in About Company page: “Dine as dining and stle as Winestle the parent company letters to stand with Winestle mission and cultures. At Dinestle we want people to have a best dining experience wherever they are.” From its initial offering in Tanga, Dinestle is now available throughout Tanzania, the company also introduced a new logo and identity designed by subsidiary company called Winestle Digital.

As Dinestle continues to expand into more cities, we needed to develop a symbol that could be recognized globally. An iconic shorthand for awesome food, delivered everywhere. A mark of quality that you can always trust, whatever you order.

The dinestle logo icon

Making food look awesome

We wanted visuals that would hero and celebrate great food. Our art direction was all about zooming in close, showing good food in all of its glory – with mouthwateringly rich shots full of colour and texture.

We avoided the trickery common to most food photography, steering away from the use of fake product. It was important that the visuals felt authentic, and honest. Awesome food speaks for itself.

The Dinestle wordmark
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